That strives to serve the church.

We strive to help these organizations change lives, spread the word of God, and create unforgettable experiences by integrating our audio, video and lighting solutions.
Times are changing and today’s worship environments demand more creative and often more complex stage technology than ever before. Our video projection systems are ideal for broadcasting services in churches and our sophisticated sound and lighting systems bring your worship music to life with high quality sound and visual effects.
We currently integrate a wide range of audio video systems, including HD large format displays and projections systems, stunning lighting systems, crystal clear audio systems, and a wide range of other technologies including digital signage throughout lobbies and hallways. When strategically combined, these solutions can help you communicate your message more effectively and create a more captivating environment to better serve God and the community.



AVMAN Values Education

So we have specialized our services to bring schools up-to-date

If you’re interested in enhancing the environment around your school or college campus, AVMAN can equip your faculty and staff with the most advanced tools available today. Our digital signage, audio systems, video displays, rental services and other technology can easily be integrated into your school’s classrooms, auditoriums, assembly halls and common areas.
The ways to improve communication at your school extend well beyond the classroom. Broadcast coordinated messages throughout your campus with our digital signage solutions made available by our GoBright Media network. Stream live lectures and engage in meaningful discussions with subject-matter experts in remote locations. Offer video-on-demand content. Reach across your campus for Emergency Evacuation Notification/Notices. Consolidate your auditorium’s audio and video controls with a smart central system. It’s all possible with AVMAN.




We understand the importance of communication

Our team will work with you to understand your needs and find ways to enhance your corporate meeting spaces, improve your team’s productivity, and increase company-wide collaboration.
Whether your facilities are intended for internal or external meetings, we can design a multimedia system that successfully integrates digital signage, audio systems, video projection, multimedia board room tables and much more. Our video conferencing solutions allow you to bring personnel from various offices together to collaborate in real-time and deliver greater flexibility. So instead of fumbling with equipment during your presentation, you can focus your attention on driving your sales point home or interacting with your audience.




And how it can boost your sales

In an ideal world, clients would walk into your establishment and already be aware of the message or sale you want to convey. Well it’s not that perfect, they need some form of compelling visual content to get their attention.
The fastest growing form of advertising media these days is digital signage. AVMAN has partnered with GoBright Media, the Springfield, Mo area’s only agency dedicated to digital signage. Our partnered services include high grade displays, simple scheduling software, professional installation and best of all, constant monitoring to make sure your message is being displayed properly.